Debbie Field


Living in Cape Town brings me boundless beauty every day. This city, vibrant with nature and diverse life of all kinds, (both man and beast!) keeps all my senses constantly alive to all that is new and provocative, bright and challenging.

My intense love of learning the delights of creativity has led me to experiment with many art making materials, with movement and dance, poetry and performance. Mostly this journey has inspired an endless love and curiosity to not only explore my own potential, but to encourage and awaken these possibilities in others. This is the foundation of my passion for teaching art-making in its many forms - and to delight in the unexpected that is awakened through this sharing.


Debbie Field is a South African artist, majoring in Art from Wits University, Gauteng.  Working as a ceramist and oil painter through her career, she had studied and worked with many well known local artists. She ran the childrens ceramic school for Barbara Jackson, and was a co- founder of the Artists Co-Op, together with Ryno Swart and others. She was arts facilitator for Indoni Academy, a township based tertiary institution. More recently, her deep interest in the healing power of the creative impulse led to her collaboration with dancer Balu Nivison in the development and facilitation of the “MovingArt” programme. In 2019, she ran a summer School Painting course for the University of Cape Town, which she will repeat in summer 2020.

She currently teaches and paints from her home studio in Cape Town, and runs workshops countrywide.