Painting Courses - Meet our tutors


Emily Ball

After 15 years I have returned to working outside from nature. It is wonderful to have that feeling of being surrounded by your subject, completely immersed. Movement, light, and the tactile qualities of the landscape are my theme at present. I see, touch, smell and hear my subject and convert these experiences into marks, colours and images that give form to my experiences. Painting for me is physical and direct and more recently has arrived through improvisation and re-invention of my subject. Paint is fantastic, it is such an expressive medium. I just have to have courage when I work.


Julian Brown

My paintings explore the materiality of paint through a synthesis of abstract styles, processes and cultural traditions. I'm interested in colour, form and harmony, and that beauty helps us gain a sense that we are at the centre of life, somehow inter-connected to the world.

katie sollohub

Katie Sollohub

I have spent the last year drawing and painting at Turner's House in Twickenham, as artist in residence funded by Arts Council England, privileged to inhabit this historic space, responding to it both visually and emotionally. This amazing opportunity has allowed me to focus much more on my ongoing art practice, and commit more time to the creative process, showing in 2 solo exhibitions in the last year. As a result, my practice has stepped up a level, and the work is being accepted at major exhibitions including the RA Summer Show, the Jerwood Drawing Prize and the Lynne Painter Stainers Prize. I have also been appointed short course tutor at West Dean College.

garry goodman.jpg

Garry Goodman

I am a painter, printmaker and writer. I also make 3D constructions and artists books. My work is figurative, expressive and, amongst other things, I am interested in the powerful combination of both life’s beauty and its tragedy and am wholly accepting of it.

Nick Bodimeade

Nick Bodimeade

I am a representational painter with a keen interest in the use of digital technologies as a developmental tool. My work is also informed by my long-term interest in Process-based Abstraction and object making. After many years of Art School teaching and now working as a commercial exhibiting artist, I am also particularly concerned with the painting’s relationship with the viewer, and with trying to understand what works and why.

John Skinner

John Skinner

Since moving to France I have jettisoned many of my preconceptions about painting. I have been thinking and teaching about practice and beauty and making paintings which investigate these subjects.

Helen Turner

Helen Turner

My work is about memories of my life and wanting to hold onto it. The paintings are made up of collaged layers of all types of paint ,paper, fabric, knitting and canvas. The process of working with all the materials together with drawing is an important part of the way that I work. I am interested in motif, ornament, humour and metaphor. I currently exhibit with the Eagle Gallery, London and am included in the Creekside Open London 2015. As well as teaching at the studio I also teach degree students at Brighton University and adults and diploma students at Putney School of Art.

Andrzej Jackowski

Simon Carter

All my work is based on observation. I go out to draw most days and the paintings in the studio are made in an on-going dialogue with these accumulating drawings. In both the paintings and drawings I like to see the evidence of what has gone into their construction. I like the provisional and the handmade, alterations and corrections, the visible signs of process.

Gary Wragg

Gary Wragg

Gary Wragg is a painter, draughtsman and teacher. His ongoing explorations wrestle with dynamics of bodily energy in relation to abstraction and figuration. Wragg's art is active in reinventing the life of mark making's tactility, colour and the optical/physical presence.