Gary Wragg - Painting (assisted by Emily Ball)

Gary Wragg - Painting (assisted by Emily Ball)

Course dates: November 24-26 November (Tuesday - Thursday)

Gary is a renowned and respected painter whose work has focused on direction, movement, surface and the function of specific bodily energies.  The focus of the three days is on live issues in painting now, what the properties of painting have been and what they are now; to discover what may be hidden in oneself, to reveal some surprises; the tempo of movement and the presence of stillness, fullness/emptiness, open and closed and identifying what are valuable possibilities important to paint.

With Emily Ball fulfilling the role of studio technician and support, this course encourages students to listen to the rhythm of their own body through the practice of Tai-Chi.  Working large scale without any physical subject matter, Gary creates an atmosphere of trust and possibility, where students find themselves bravely and boldly painting without hesitation.

The course fee includes large primed canvas and paper.


Event Details

Start Date 24-Nov-2020 9:30 am
End Date 26-Nov-2020 4:30 pm
Price £315.00
Reference GWP/2020/1124/SC
Tutor Gary Wragg
Location Seawhite
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