Gary Goodman - One Day Courses

Printmaking from the Figure

 Course dates: February 25th 2019 (Monday)

Responding to the figure, we will be making a variety of prints using various methods; as well as drawing and mark-making, we will use stencils, textures etc. and will look at format and scale while attempting to push the medium further.

Alongside regular papers, we will also explore working on different found papers/surfaces that will be provided.

All techniques shown can be continued at home without specialist equipment

Price includes model fee and materials

Start Date 25-Feb-2019 9:30 am
End Date 25-Feb-2019 4:30 pm
Price £95.00
Reference PMFF/2019/0225ODC
Tutor Gary Goodman
95.00 £
Large-Scale Expressive Drawing

 Course dates: May 20th 2019 (Monday)

Working from the figure, we will discuss and explore ways of developing these observations into larger pieces.

We will explore dynamic approaches to mark-making and materials that will give you confidence in making your own creative decisions and selections.

Price includes model fee and materials

Start Date 20-May-2019 9:30 am
End Date 20-May-2019 4:30 pm
Price £95.00
Reference SCED/2019/0520ODC
Tutor Gary Goodman
95.00 £ 7