Drawing Into Paint - Transposition

This course focuses on the how you make your paintings have the energy, atmosphere and freshness of those first studies and explorations into a subject through drawing. Drawing and Painting share the same language; with directional marks, an exploration of space, a sensitive and particular touch or pressure given to each motif. Drawing can be direct, fast, evocative, stripped back, selective, inventive and irreverent. Non precious! Paint is sumptuous, with endless visual possibilities to create surfaces and colours that suggest, mood, light, sensations  The technicalities of handling paint; mixing with mediums, layering, glazing, editing, mixing colour using oils or acrylics will be covered during the course as the paintings grow. The subjects for the paintings will be triggered by the work of other artists. Borrowing and making contemporary responses to other artists paintings is a process that so many famous artists have used throughout art history. Picasso's versions of Las Meninas by Velasquez and Le Petit Dejeuner sur L'herbe by Manet, are famous. David Hockney's hommage to Hogarth's 'Rakes Progress', Cy Twombley's interpretation of Turner's 'Temeraire', Anthony Caro's sculptures in response to Giotto, the list is endless. It is a rich resource that can be used to revive and inspire new bodies of work that speak of your own passions and life. The paintings will evolve through the course. Some may be resolved quite quickly and freshly, others may require time, layers and excavation to find their place. You will create paintings that are a true reflection of your personal experience and interests by learning how to unpack how you see, select, up cycle and re-invent existing images by other artists.  This is designed as a year long course. Each term feeds processes and ideas into the next. We recommend that you attend all three terms to create resolved paintings and fully benefit from the processes being taught.

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