The Drawing Lab

Drawing is a primary and ancient creative process, since humankind first picked up a stick and drew in the sand, or a burnt piece of charcoal to make marks on the wall. Earth pigments were ground into paste and laid on surfaces as painted handprints, or sprayed from the mouth as a stencil. Drawing is a way of making sense of the world, marking space, recording experiences, mapping, measuring, depicting, expressing. Drawing is a way of seeing. Drawing is a way of understanding, a way of remembering, a way of communicating. It is tactile and immediate, you don’t need many materials, there is not much to get in the way between you and the work.

Most artists, and indeed non-artists, use drawing in some form or other, to inform their creative practice. As well as painters, sculptors, performance and installation artists, you will often find the annotations of musicians, scientists and engineers include drawing in their process of working things out. Drawing makes sense of the 3 dimensional world, in a form that can be read by others, or simply used as a creative process, thinking through doing. Drawing Lab will be an opportunity for those artists seeking to deepen their relationship with drawing, and extend your idea of what drawing means. Drawing that goes beyond the space of the white page, into the studio space, drawing in 3d, drawing as annotation, as animation, as observation, as an unwritten map……Whether you see drawing as your principle art form, or as a valuable companion to your other work (e.g. painting, sculpture, performance, writing), this course will encourage you to experiment and explore your creative practice with drawing at it’s core.

Drawing has such a direct relationship with the body, the materials, and the space it occupies. During these sessions you will be given plenty of space to work in, using the floor, wall, tables and anything in between! The studio will become your own temporary studio laboratory for the day. The emphasis will be on process rather than product, learning to trust your intuition as you develop your own personal project over the year.

Drawing with Light 

The focus of this years course will be light. There will be four tutors to guide and inspire you: Katie Sollohub, Emily Ball and Betsy Dadd, Lydia CS. Each term will include a series of materials based workshops including simple animation. As the course progresses you may start to apply given exercises to your own themes and ideas, with more time given for peer group discussion and one to one tutorials. Each student will have the opportunity to present their ongoing work to the group in the later half of the course. The lasting effect of this course is to encourage you to think a little differently about your practice, acknowledge the physical relationship of the body to your work, and engage in your creative practice in an intuitive and experimental way. It might be the perfect time for you to step out of your known practices and see what happens!

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