Taster Days - The Figure

One intensive day of inspiration (all materials provided)

Tutor Katie Sollohub

A series of stand alone workshops tutored by Katie Sollohub, or they could be seen as a chance to build a project around observation of the figure. If you book all 5 of Katie's sessions you get a £50 discount on the total cost. These workshops are more than your average portrait or life drawing class, these sessions will keep you (and sometimes the model) on your toes - taking a line for a walk, multi views, sculpting the form, drawing with your eyes shut, the moving figure - and other exercises. Whether working in charcoal or paint, the emphasis will be on keeping an image lively and expressive, capturing a sense of the pose, a glance, a particular turn of the head. You will be given exercises and ways of looking, to encourage an experimental approach to a timeless subject. Working from long and short poses, making the most of the amazing models we have the pleasure to work with.

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