Putting People into Paint

This course celebrates paintings that have people as their subject. They may be people that you know or a self portrait. Imagery could be inspired by observations of others; film stars, athletes or people in the street. Borrowed images can be transformed and made contemporary and personal by the materials used and the context given. Or the subject can be a celebration of the body itself, without any reference to time or place. We will look at the inspiration and working processes that an artist requires to develop their own practice and personal voice in their work. During the first term inspiration will be in the form of responding to the Moving figure. A person who is not static or posed could be walking, getting dressed, doing sport, dancing; the list could go on. The energy, animation and extraordinary moments and interactions that this offers are fantastic, both in terms of imagery but also in the creative use of materials and processes required to capture fleeting moments. Artists have always made work that explores the relationships between the human figure and spirit together with materials, for example: Robert Rauchenberg, Louise Bourgeois, Frank Stella, Rei Kawakubo, Takesada Matsutani, Rose Wylie, Jackson Pollock, Yves Klein, Kandinsky, Matisse, Francis Bacon, George Bellows, the Ancient Greeks and many more. Each term there will be the opportunity to work directly from a model and also other source materials. Students will be encouraged to make studies of their own interests about people and movement; either by going to see performances or observing and drawing from the everyday.

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