Painting People


This course meets monthly, through the academic year, for two consecutive days at a time.  During the 3 terms, each student will be encouraged to develop an individual approach to putting the figure into their work. Painting People could be from a model, your own drawings of your family or people you have observed, an image taken from a magazine or a photo, even a still from a film. Based on individual tutorials, students will each decide how they approach figure painting; by concentrating on personal experience and self-knowledge. We will have various sessions with a life model (both nude and clothed) which will aid the student in looking, composition and how to place the figure in a variety of situations and environments. We will refer to other artists and practitioners, and work on how to develop drawings into more considered and consolidated paintings. The course will also include other practical sessions and structured exercises, and we anticipate the students will use their imagination to develop their skills to create paintings that are dynamic, full of character and personal experience.

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