Drawing Courses

Push, rub, drag, smooth, smear, caress, scrape, dribble, edge, nudge, sweep, scratch, dig, layer, smudge, scribble, suspend, stitch.

Writing, poetry, space, architecture, pattern, form, structure, depth, tone, tension, direction, balance, diagrams, maps, carvings, telegraph wires across the landscape.

Exploring drawing as a physical process you will learn a lot about how materials work, what potential they have for making marks. Whatever your experience with drawing, this course will encourage you to experiment further, to find a direct and tactile relationship with drawing. No matter what the subject, the main focus of our attention will be the process and the materials. Not all drawings have to remain on the page. Not all the processes will be about drawing as you know it. This course will include some experiments with writing and 3d, and will encourage a level of critical debate.


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