Simply Paint (more)

This course is designed for students with less confidence or experience with painting in oils and acrylics. However, it could equally be a very refreshing course for an experienced painter who would like to strip back their process again and rediscover how wonderfully versatile and evocative paint is. Last years Simply Paint course was a joy to teach as we took each stage of the process of discovering paint; taking time to mix it, layer it, add mediums and begin to gain an insight into the numerous possibilities it has to offer. This course continues this exploration revealing yet more gorgeous qualities.

Our inspiration this year will come from visits out into the landscape. During the first term we will sometimes spend short periods of time outside gathering information, on other occasions we will work outside for most of the day (weather permitting). For the second term we will develop paintings in the comfort of the studio from the studies made in term 1. As these works will be ongoing over several months there will be the opportunity to work on dry surfaces, layer paint, glaze and see how a painting develops over time. Smoothing, scraping, glazing, pouring, polishing, dabbing, puddling, stroking, dragging, smearing rubbing. In the summer term we will continue ongoing work and also go out again to capture the changing seasons. Everyone will have made a cohesive body of large and small work on canvas, board and paper.


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